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I believe that sharing is caring and hence genesis of this site which aims to sharing information and knowledge that I have gained over period of time as opposed to describing myself.

Technically, there is no dearth of information that’s available on internal and it’s just one click away. Key thing is to find out what and why to search and for that it requires an aim/objective that drives someone.

Various areas covered in this site aren’t only limited to technology but belong to management, philanthropy, travel, food, health etc.

Should you have any queries/suggestions, drop an email to manojjain99@yahoo.com

What's in it for you?


Access to blogs written on various categories viz. technology, processes, tourism, food, health etc.

Useful Sites

Internet has tons of sites available and this is compilation of some of sites that I found very useful on day to day basis.


List of various books belonging to various genre that I have read and are worth sharing for benefit of others.

Speaking & Publications

List of various industry facing conferences, seminars, webinars, sites that I have contributed along-with papers that I have published.

Recent Posts

Recent Posts